Modi Standard Kit (Wired Version)


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With MODI, you can easily create your own devices in minutes. Just connect, and create something without the need for expert knowledge. Designed and developed by leading Korean robotics manufacturer, LUXROBO, the modular units and accompanying MODI Studio software allow for schools to teach students, from ages 7 to 18, robotics technology and programming in a practical, re-usable (from lesson to lesson) format. MODI is made for education. As a fully immersive STEM product, MODI is suitable for Design & Technology, Science, and Computing curricula from KS2 to KS5, as well as for project-based learning in clubs. Suitable for students working in groups of 4. All kits come with access to MODI learning resources which include full project and lesson plans to get started. STANDARD KIT WIRED INPUTS 1x Infrared Module 1x Button Module 1x Dial Module 1x Environment Module OUTPUTS 2x Motor Module 1x LED Module SETUP 1x Network Module (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB) 1x Battery Module ACCESSORIES 2x Wheel 2x Lego-compatible Boards 12x Wire 2x Wire Adapters 2x Lego-compatible Shoes