Sugru Education Bundle


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Sugru sticks permanently to a wide range of materials including glass, ceramics, wood metal and plastics.You have 30 minutes to fix or build and in 24 hours, Sugru will turn into a strong and durable silicone rubber that stays stuck and flexible. Sugru is supplied with each colour in its own 5g mini pack. This special education bundle contains 4 packs of eight mini packs containing 8 x black, 8 x white, 4 x grey, 4 x blue, 4 x yellow and 4 x red. Features • Hot and cold resistant from -50°C to 180°C • Waterproof for sealing applications indoor and out • Offers excellent shock resitance making it great for shock protection applciations • Good for thermal and electrical insulation (it is recommeneded for small consumer electronics rated below 24V • Provides excellent ozone and UV resistance