TS220A Engineers Lathe Package, 500mm Single Phase + 2 Axis DRO


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When building the TS220A lathe package we put the time into understanding your needs. At the top of your list: a safe and accurate machine, with no hidden costs. We couldn’t agree more. Each machine surpasses BS 4163:2014* (we don’t scrimp on safety). We include a two-axis digital read out (DRO) as standard. And our bundled toolkit contains everything you’ll need to get up and running. The TS220A gear head lathe has 500mm distance between the centres. We also offer a 750mm version (TS330A) if you need a larger working area. And a maximum swing over bed of 330mm. Both machines are extremely quiet when running thanks to the hardened, precision ground headstock, and high quality tapered roller bearing. The hardened, precision ground V-way bed provides accurate location on both the X&Y axis. These machines are built to last. Additional features: • Metric lead screw • High precision direct mounting chuck • Gap bed section provided for larger diameter work • Gearbox has large feed and threading functions • Carriage mounted spindle control lever • Adjustable gibs for slideways • Automatic feed and threading are fully interlocked • Tailstock may be offset for turning tapers • Tolerance test certificate, test flow chart included What’s in the box: • TS220A engineering lathe • Two axis DRO • Three jaw chuck (160mm) • Four jaw chuck (200mm) • Face Plate (250mm) • Steady and follow rest • Splash guard • Stand and oil tray • Tool box and tools • Coolant system • Foot brake • Turning tools • Halogen work lamp • Lead screw cover • Interlocked chuck guard • Quick change tool post Specification: Distance Between Centres: 500mm Swing Over Bed: 330mm Spindle Speeds: 70-2000 RPM (8 speeds) Spindle Bore: 38mm Spindle Nose: D1-4 Swing Over Gap: 476mm Taper of Spindle Bore: MT5 Motor: Single phase (230V) 1.5kW Packaged Dimensions (HxWxD): 1700 x 750 x 1500mm Weight: 515kg * BS 4163:2014: Health and Safety for Design and Technology in Educational and Similar Establishments.